Welcome to Peridot Scientific Communications!

In our years working with top authors from around the world as Plant Editors, we realized that we could assist journals and conference organizers in ways that extend beyond our pre-submission editing to help authors produce the clearest, most concise and accurate scientific papers. In the past few years, we have partnered with major scientific journals including Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell to conduct post-acceptance scientific editing that improves readability and implements key aspects of journal style.

Moreover, we have started to work with organizers of scientific conferences– meetings that have hundreds or thousands of attendees– to help them promote their meetings. Beyond driving registration numbers, our writers and social media mavens have helped promote engagement and community on multiple social media platforms. As part of the scientific community, we produce content that speaks to our colleagues.

After a few years of working in this field, we decided to formally launch our communications business. So, whether you need a manuscript edited, or you are promoting a conference, or you are taking your journal up a few notches, we can help. Keep your eyes on this space!

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