What we do

At Peridot Scientific Communications, we are problem solvers.

Whether you’re a conference organizer building excitement about a meeting, an editor-in-chief looking to raise the bar for papers in your journal, or a scientist working to get your research out and noticed, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

We craft solutions for all kinds of science communication problems:

  • You’re running a conference and worried nobody will register. Let the Peridot conference promotion team help! We identify target audiences and generate information-rich emails and social media content to help get those registrations pouring in for small or large conferences.
  • You want the papers in your journal to read better, and authors keep forgetting to add important sections. Visit our journal services page–we edit accepted manuscripts for content and presentation, using a checklist that we help you generate.
  • You need to support the faculty in your department, and a lot of them don’t write very well. Partner with Peridot to help your faculty. We can improve their scientific manuscripts, streamline their grants, and help them become better writers.
  • Your department wants to issue press releases, but your researchers write in jargon. We love to write–from mini-reviews to blog posts, we can produce accurate, appealing content tailored to your target audience.
  • Your grant is too long. Grant-writing is hard–you have so much to say and so little space. Make the process less stressful by letting us streamline your writing, making it easier to understand and more compelling for the reviewers. Express turnarounds available!
  • You don’t have time to edit your grad student’s research paper. No worries–our team of seasoned science editors are experienced biologists who are happy to work with scientists at all stages of their careers to produce clear and concise papers.
  • You have to give a talk in English and want to make a good impression. Whether or not English is your first language, we can provide collegial, knowledgeable help with your slides and script.
  • What about…Have a need we haven’t listed? Let our team of science communication experts create a plan to solve your unique problem!