Post-acceptance science editing

Many premier scientific journals give accepted papers a final polish to improve the language and scientific presentation, iron out errors introduced during revisions, and make the title and abstract more appealing. Peridot Scientific Communications can help your journal offer this value-added service.

We work with the journal’s editor-in-chief and staff to create a detailed editing checklist. We then assemble a team of science editors specifically for that project. Edits are marked using the ‘Track Changes’ function of Word and any queries are made as comments in the Word file, using a collegial tone.

Here are some examples of services we provide current journal clients:

  • edit text for readability and scientific clarity, according to journal style and preferences
  • make suggestions to improve the title, to make it punchy, clear, and appealing
  • edit the abstract to ensure that the key findings of the study are clearly framed and highlighted
  • examine figures and make suggestions to improve scientific presentation
  • evaluate fluorescence micrographs and gels for signs of inappropriate image manipulation
  • check the content and format of supplemental files

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