We work with organizations of many types and sizes to address their science writing and editing needs.

Primary Investigators: With grant writing, teaching, committees, managing finances, writing papers, and mentoring, running a lab is a big job. We can help-- from working with first authors to provide collegial guidance to working with your grant text so that it makes a compelling case for funding and falls within the word limit, we can make your life easier.

Departments and Institutes: Your department thrives on funded grants, accepted manuscripts, good publicity, and engagement with the scientific community. We can help. From supporting your department members in their quest for funding and publication to writing press releases and blog posts promoting the latest new findings from your scientists, we can make your department shine.

Scientific Societies: Professional societies give scientists a sense of community and a place to share tips, troubles, and triumphs-- and we love working with our society journals and conferences. We can help you support your members and build community in other ways, from providing expert editing to writing targeted social media posts.

Companies: Whether you are an established company or a startup looking to gain a foothold, we can help your company get it done, whether you are securing your intellectual property, applying for grants, preparing a polished presentation for the board, or writing a paper, we can help support your people-- from senior scientists to CSOs-- and increase shareholder value, all with complete confidentiality.

Whether you represent an individual laboratory, department, institute or company, if you are looking for ongoing writing and editing services, start here.