History & mission

Peridot Scientific Communications branched out from Plant Editors in 2016. Plant Editors was founded in 2009 by three PhD-level plant biologists who are active in the plant science community. We started Peridot Scientific Communications because so many of our editing clients came to us requesting customized editing, marketing, or writing services on a scale larger than one manuscript at a time.

Peridot Scientific Communications has grown to offer help with all types of communication for a scientific audience. We’ve partnered with various societies around the world to promote conferences, improve journal papers and metrics, and connect with their communities.

Our mission is to be valued colleagues within the scientific research and publishing community by

  • supporting science through clear communication
  • building relationships to promote excellence at all stages of the research cycle
  • handling mission-critical communication-related tasks

Contact us to start a discussion of how our team can help you communicate effectively, streamline your process, and free up precious time and bandwidth.